Carl hosting the 2017 Pride of Guernsey Awards (October 2017)
[Credit: Guernsey Press]

Here’s Carl during a live Island FM outside broadcast at the Guernsey Boat Show (April 2017)
[Credit: Chris George]

Carl being filmed on-air at Island FM for the Guernsey Awards for Achievement (January 2016)

Carl on-air at Island FM (September 2015)

80s Invasion gig… the after party! (September 2015)


Carl on the decks at the 80s Invasion gig at Castle Cornet (September 2015)
[Credit: JR Photography]

Carl hosting a Cobo Balcony Gig (June 2015)
[Credit: JR Photography]

Carl on-air at Island FM (Summer 2014)

Carl hosting an 80s gig with Pat Sharp (November 2009)

About to introduce Toyah on stage (May 2010)

About to introduce Jools Holland on stage (September 2010)

Carl with Soft Cell’s Marc Almond (September 2010)

DJ of the Year competition at Marilyns Nightclub (July 1990)
[Credit: Guernsey Press]

In the DJ Booth at the Golden Monkey Nightclub (Mid 90s)

On-air with Chris Tarrant at Island FM (June 2008)